Monday, June 14, 2010

Old World of Darkness

Oh how I miss sitting for hours and hours, drinking coffee and talk about the very many rules and aspects of Old World of Darkness. Why is Rasputin both mage and malkavian? What clan did Vlad Tepes belong to (several of them take credit for him)? Is it true that there is three ways of getting rid of a blood bound?
I loved it all.

But most roleplayers theese days play New WoD. And most old roleplayers have grown up and rather discuss insuranse policy and redecoration of their kitchens than the feeling of being a ghoul or how insane a malkavian really could get without getting locked up. Am I that old?

When did baby photos get mor interesting than the covers of clanbooks?
When did reality finally win them over?
Damned be that reality! It sneaks into our souls.


  1. I. Love. OWoD.

    And I'll never fall into that other cathegory. I'll always wonder about them too.

    Hey, what about a date, you and me, sitting on a café and discussion all the idiotic, asinine, odd, strange, wonderful things that we all used to do? And compare characters, of course!

    And swear over that guy wot killed ElDorado, whatever his name was, who was the Ultimate Twink of Twinks.

  2. Oooh... a date! I am on. Just name... well a date and I'll be there if possible. =)