Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This was our first view of the castle where we were going to stay! It is the most beautiful castle I've ever seen.

These three pictures above was from our room at the castle. We lived in one of the towers, and it was... actually I am speechless. It is unbelievable.

The surroundings was amazing!

Can you believe this was our common room?

Me at the stairs to the main gate.

A closer look at the guardian lions.

I loved this place so much! We actually was the only guests at the time and had the whole castle to ourselves!

I was this happy! =)

My beloved husband!

And we finished the trip by going to a gig with Harry and the Potters with our dear friend Niklas in his Deatheater costume. Here is pehaps the only picture of Harry and the Potters with a Deatheater.

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