Saturday, September 4, 2010

Strange times

"Sometimes I lie awake at night in my bed and I watch the Stars, and I wonder, where the fuck is my ceiling?"

Things are becoming stranger and stranger, or at least it feels like it. I feel totally lost in my social life, lost at school, lost outside my door and lost in my own livingroom.
I think I would need some grounding (can someone sell me Boots of Grounding, def. +2, please?). I need some directions, a steady rock where I can stand.

I am Jack's slipping mind.

I probably should try to sleep more, and dream less. Not the other way around which is the case theese days.
You know what? First Class. Distance tutoring. It all feels surreal. Is this really studying? What the hell am I doing?

Is that a door? Fine. I'll use it.... NO. Stop there. Stop trying to use doors. You cannot get out now. Put yourself together.

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